Help us create intact, resilient landscapes!

Help us create intact, resilient landscapes!

Conservation Northwest / Oct 15, 2015 / Wildfire

Photo: Inciweb. August 2015 Wolverine fire. Smart and careful forest management can shape fire behavior and size for the better.

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By Julia Spencer, Membership Manager

Wildfires burned hot and bright this summer across a dry, sunny Washington state.

Homes and wildlife habitat burned, and despite the efforts of thousands of brave firefighters, the losses were enormous.

Conservation Northwest has been working for over a decade to restore ecosystems to their natural state, where fire is a healthy part of natural cycles.

With the proper forestry practices and fire preparedness, we can protect important wildlife habitat and communities living in fire-prone areas.

You can help create an intact, resilient landscape that supports both wildlife and people.

I’m asking you to become a member of Conservation Northwest today to join us in building resilient ecosystems where people, nature and wildlife can thrive.

Your membership keeps you informed of our work restoring natural fire ecology—and all our efforts to protect and restore the magnificent landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

Wildfires impact mule deer. Photo: iStock/Steve Krull
Wildfires impact mule deer. Photo: iStock/Steve Krull

You can choose to receive our WILD NW Action Alerts on influencing public policy for people, wildlife and the environment in our region. You’ll get our print newsletter, The Conservation Nort

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Join us in leading the way to healthier forests and fire-wise communities, as we:

  • Increase ecological resilience to natural disturbances and climate change. Our efforts improve landscapes and watersheds through controlled burns, road removal, restoration thinning and protecting big, old fire-resistant trees.
  • Support safer fire-wise communities. Join us in advocating for community preparedness in the wildland-urban interface. This saves property, lives and livelihoods, while keeping wildlife habitat connected.
  • Ensure enduring success by building effective, collaborative networks. We work closely with scientists, loggers, ranchers, government officials and conservationists to craft win-win solutions to complex problems. You can be informed about and contribute to creating solutions that protect the environment, jobs and communities.

You can help!

Please become a Conservation Northwest member today.

Your membership helps ensure the future of the Pacific Northwest’s beautiful landscapes, majestic old forests, stunning grasslands, abundant wildlife and healthy communities, and the natural environment that sustains us all.

Thank you for joining Conservation Northwest today.


Julia Spencer