Happy National Bird Day!

Happy National Bird Day!

Conservation Northwest / Jan 05, 2016 / Okanogan Working for Wildlife

Male sharp-tailed grouse in a mating display. Photo: USFWS
By Chase Gunnell, Deputy Communications Director

Today is National Bird Day! Did you know that some of America’s most iconic and imperiled birds live in the Pacific Northwest? Here’s what we’re doing to conserve them for future generations:

For sage grouse and sharp-tailed grouse, we’re working with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, state and federal agencies, rural communities, private landowners and other partners to protect, connect and restore habitat in north-central Washington through the Working for Wildlife Initiative and conservation easements:  www.conservationnw.org/workingforwildlife

For northern spotted owls and marbled murrelets, we’re standing up to risky logging, promoting sustainable forestry and protecting old-growth and mature forest habitat from the Pacific coast to the Cascade Mountains: www.conservationnw.org/forests

We’re also members of the Murrelet Survival Project and other efforts to keep these amazing avians around!