GiveBIG for Northwest wildlands and wildlife!

GiveBIG for Northwest wildlands and wildlife!

Conservation Northwest / May 09, 2018 / Members

Through the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG, you can make a BIG different for our work TODAY at:

BY Maureen McGregor, Development Associate

It’s GiveBIG and we know lots of nonprofits are deserving of your time and energy, but remember: Conservation Northwest is the only organization protecting, connecting and restoring wildlands and wildlife from the Washington Coast to the British Columbia Rockies.

GiveBIG to Conservation Northwest now by clicking this link!

Your support means that Canada lynx are able to thrive because we saved 25,000 acres of their critical habitat in north-central Washington’s Loomis Forest from logging and development.

It means wild creatures from elk and otters to wolves and wolverines are able to cross busy roadways, like Interstate 90, to find food, shelter and mates because of wildlife crossings we’ve long championed.

Rendition of the Keechelus Lake Wildlife Overcrossing, expected to be complete in 2019. Graphic: WSDOT

It also means the native Pacific fisher has been successfully reintroduced to Washington.

It’s true: Conservation Northwest has been keeping the Northwest wild for nearly 30 years through, planning, innovation and strategic partnerships.

And guess who we consider our most important partner and ally?

It’s YOU.

It’s been your passion, participation, and support that creates hope for a wild future through our work.

Because of your commitment to keeping the Northwest wild, we hope you’ll make a GiveBIG donation to Conservation Northwest today. Click here to find out how! 

CNW members release a fisher at Mount Rainier National Park, December 2016. Photo Paul Bannick

Your GiveBIG donation doesn’t just allow biologists to research and monitor entire ecosystems to ensure they remain thriving and healthy; your support protects the iconic beauty of the Pacific Northwest now and in the future.

Conservation work takes time, which means the support you give Conservation Northwest is lastingIf you want to be the part of the legacy you’ll see tomorrow, please GiveBIG today! 

Thank you for your support,

Maureen and the entire Conservation Northwest team

Maureen McGregor gathering chanterelle mushrooms in a Northwest forest.