Ghost Bears of the North Cascades in Seattle on May 14th

Ghost Bears of the North Cascades in Seattle on May 14th

Conservation Northwest / May 11, 2015 / Grizzly Bears

Wildlife ecologist and North Cascades grizzly bear expert Bill Gaines presents at the Bellingham REI.
By Alison Huyett, Conservation Associate 

Conservation Northwest has been a leader in trying to restore a healthy population of grizzly bears in the transboundary North Cascades Ecosystem for more than two decades. And this year, we’re finally beginning to see some notable progress.

As you may know, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Service have moved forward with an Environmental Impact Statement study to determine how to recover grizzly bears in the North Cascades recovery area. You could only imagine the excitement we all felt when we received the news of this historic process!

As we enter into a watershed moment for grizzlies in the lower 48 states, we invite you to spend a evening with wildlife ecologist and Conservation Northwest friend Bill Gaines, Ph.D. at Ghost Bears: Studying Grizzly Bears in the North Cascades on Thursday, May 14th, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Seattle REI.

This event is free and open to the public. Pre-registration is recommended.

Along with our partners at the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), Western Wildlife Outreach (WWO) and Defenders of Wildlife, we’ve hosted Dr. Gaines’ Ghost Bears presentation across the North Cascades region over the past year, from Ellensburg, Tacoma and Twisp to Bellingham and Edmonds. We’re excited to bring the show to Seattle this month to inform, inspire and entertain with stories and knowledge about the ‘Ghost Bears’ of the North Cascades!

More about Ghost Bears: Grizzly Bears in the North Cascades

Go behind the scenes with wildlife ecologist Bill Gaines, Ph.D. as he discusses his three-year search for elusive grizzly bears in the North Cascades. Along the way you’ll hear about the history of grizzlies in the Pacific Northwest and the potential for grizzly bear recovery.

Dr. Gaines will describe ingenious–and often smelly!–methods to study these charismatic bruins deep in the backcountry. We’ll also hear “hairy” tales of climbing, hiking, wading, and rappelling through this iconic landscape in the quest to document the presence of the ghost bears of the North Cascades.

Be sure to register to reserve your seat! Get all the details on Thursday’s event on our website events calendar and on the REI event page here.