Floyd Rogers remembrance

Floyd Rogers remembrance

Conservation Northwest / May 08, 2020 / Work Updates

By Paul Bannick, major Gifts Director

A revered conservationist, philanthropist and outdoorsman passed away on April 20th.  Floyd Rogers, a big man with an even larger heart and a gentle nature, leaves an impressive legacy on the lands of the Northwest and in the memories of those who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Floyd Rogers was a revered conservationist, philanthropist and outdoorsman with an impressive legacy on Northwest wildlands.

Floyd benefited Conservation Northwest through his financial support, advice, and service as a board member and volunteer.

He played a role in many of Conservation Northwest’s most important accomplishments: protection of critical lynx habitat through the Loomis Forest Fund in 1999, work in the early 2000’s to conserve formerly private timberlands around Snoqualmie Pass as public forest through The Cascade Conservation Partnership, our success from 2005 through 2018 linking habitat in the Central Cascades through the I-90 Wildlife Bridges Coalition, and various campaigns benefiting wolves, fisher, grizzly bears and entire ecosystems.

Whenever we asked our board for extra help, Floyd’s hand was among the first to go up. Even in his last weeks, he inquired as to how he could help us successfully pull off our annual auction event. Our Executive Director Mitch Friedman, several board members and friends made this brief video greeting to Floyd, which his wife, Judy, was able to share with him the evening before he passed away.

I-90 in the Central Cascades, a landscape Floyd Rogers played an important role in protecting. Photo: Mitch Friedman

To memorialize Floyd’s tremendous imprint, we are working with Forterra, another organization Floyd cared deeply about, to install a bronze plaque overlooking the I-90 wildlife overpass at a place that will now be known as Rogers Lookout. It will read:

Rogers Lookout honors Floyd Rogers, a conservationist and philanthropist who helped protect habitat and foster highway crossings that connect the Cascades across this landscape. Floyd’s legacy lives on in this ecosystem.

In the obituary that Floyd’s family posted, they generously noted that remembrances can be sent to Conservation Northwest.

I feel elated when I see bears. Perhaps they remind me of what is wild, but I am also intrigued by an animal that is large, gentle and playful, much like Floyd. It will now be difficult to see a bear and not be reminded of Floyd Rogers.

Floyd Rogers will be remembered for his role in saving the Loomis Forest, connecting the Cascades, and countless other conservation efforts. His legacy lives on in the wild places and species he helped protect.