Low-stress livestock handling clinic preps for grazing season

Low-stress livestock handling clinic preps for grazing season

Low-stress handling creates calmer and more efficient ranching processes and minimizes conflicts between wildlife and livestock By Alaina Kowitz, Communications and Outreach Associate At the end of May, I had the opportunity to drive across the state to attend a low-stress livestock handling clinic in Republic, Washington. Just a hop, skip and a jump away … Continued

Wolf photographed at Chiwaukum wolverine site

By Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project staff While most of our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project remote camera sites are active only in the summer and fall, each winter our dedicated volunteers and staff maintain several sites looking for wolverines in remote areas of the Cascades. In 2016 one of them captured amazing new images of a gray wolf! … Continued

Range riding and howling with Washington wolves

This past August, Jay Kehne, our Conservation Associate and Range Rider Pilot Project manager, got a call from one of our ranching partners who grazes over two hundred head of cattle on an allotment in the Colville National Forest, within the territory of one of Washington’s wolf packs. With funding help from Conservation Northwest and … Continued