The fisher journey

The fisher journey

Getting healthy fishers from Canada to Washington is no simple task—read the story behind their journey that leads them back into the Cascades. By Keiko Betcher, Communications and Outreach Associate Huddled into the corner of a wooden box about the size of a file cabinet, a fisher with round ears, whiskers and a long bushy … Continued

Activism unmoored from information harms nature

Positions on grizzly restoration, especially those of advocacy groups, should be rooted in facts and science. By Mitch Friedman, Executive Director A wilderness advocacy group recently took a position (on the matter of restoring grizzly bears in the North Cascades) so uninformed and ill-founded that it made me a bit embarrassed for the conservation movement … Continued

Rare Canada lynx photographed in North Cascades National Park

In mid-March, photographer Kelly Mockli had the incredible opportunity to snap a photo of an endangered Canada lynx—an icon of our wildlife conservation efforts. By keiko betcher, communications and outreach associate For nearly 30 years, we’ve worked to conserve and restore Canada lynx in Washington. One of Conservation Northwest’s greatest accomplishments was permanently protecting 25,000 … Continued

2019 season update from the Cascades Wolverine Project

Captivating wildlife photos are a strong start to the winter season for our partners at the Cascades Wolverine Project. Photos and text by david moskowitz, cascades wolverine project *Editor’s Note: David is a longtime Conservation Northwest colleague and contractor, including advising our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project. Conservation Northwest is proud to be a partner and … Continued

Running into the weekend like…

By Leigh Ann Gilmer, Development Director After a near 80-year absence, fishers are back in the North Cascades! This week, we released six fishers into North Cascades National Park Service Complex with our partners from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service, and the Calgary Zoo. Elders, youth, and leaders from the Upper Skagit … Continued

Citizen scientists contribute to wolverine research in the Cascades

Multiple wolverines were documented this year by the Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project and the Cascades Wolverine Project, adding to knowledge about the animal’s return to Washington. By: Laurel Baum, Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project Coordinator About a hundred volunteers are involved in wildlife monitoring and citizen science every year through Conservation Northwest’s Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project … Continued

Multiple wolverine documentations discovered at camera site, including pair visiting together

By alaina kowitz, communications and outreach associate Our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project (CWMP) has five priority species that we do our best to document throughout Washington state. One of those is the wolverine (the other four are grizzly bear, gray wolf, fisher and Canada lynx), and we’ve become fairly adept at setting up monitoring camera … Continued

The North Cascades: just right for grizzly bears

By Chase Gunnell, Communications Director One of the most common questions we get about grizzly bears is whether the North Cascades has the right habitat and food for them. Conservation Northwest reached out to Bill Gaines, Ph.D., bear ecologist and director of the Washington Conservation Science Institute, for his take on why the North Cascades is, as … Continued