Lynx Reintroduction: Notes from the field

Lynx Reintroduction: Notes from the field

By Dave Werntz, Conservation Northwest Science and Conservation Director A common adage is that if you take a job you love, you will never work another day in your life. My first week of February brought that home. I had the privilege of spending that week playing in the snow and chasing Canada lynx with … Continued

Restoring lynx to tribal lands in northeast Washington

Restoring iconic big cats to wildlands we’ve long worked to protect, connect and restore. By Mitch Friedman, Executive Director I was honored last Saturday to be present when Timxw, a 28 lb male Canada lynx, was released into the freshly snowed forest at the northern end of the Reservation of the Colville Confederated Tribes, near the south end of the Kettle River Mountain Range in Ferry County. The door … Continued

Rare Canada lynx photographed in North Cascades National Park

In mid-March, photographer Kelly Mockli had the incredible opportunity to snap a photo of an endangered Canada lynx—an icon of our wildlife conservation efforts. By keiko betcher, communications and outreach associate For nearly 30 years, we’ve worked to conserve and restore Canada lynx in Washington. One of Conservation Northwest’s greatest accomplishments was permanently protecting 25,000 … Continued

A highway runs through it

Our new Okanogan Wildlife Crossing Campaign is working for safe passage on Highway 97 By Leigh Ann Gilmer, Development Director There’s a 12-mile span of highway in north-central Washington that’s designated as a “high kill area.” Along this stretch, drivers grip their steering wheels with tight knuckles as they test their luck and barrel through … Continued

Working with First Nations to reduce lynx mortality

By Alaina Kowitz, Communications and Outreach Associate The third season of a collaborative transboundary project is well underway in our Working for Wildlife Initiative program area to decrease Canada lynx mortality, better understand their movements, and expand the involvement of First Nations, tribes, British Columbia trappers, and the provincial government in lynx conservation. For years, … Continued

Loomis Forest protections helping sustain threatened lynx

New research underscores the critical habitat value of an area Conservation Northwest successfully protected in 1999   By Mitch Friedman, Executive Director We have good reason to take another little victory lap for our work in the late 1990s to protect the wildlands of the Loomis Forest in Washington’s Okanogan Highlands. From 1998-1999, we lead … Continued

Information on the Newby Lake Fire in the Loomis Forest

By George Wooten, Conservation Associate According to a July 23rd update, the Newby Lake Fire is now 95 percent contained. A medium-sized wildfire, the Newby Lake Fire, is presently burning in the area of the Loomis State Forest (also known as the Loomis Natural Resource Conservation Area), important Canada lynx habitat which Conservation Northwest saved from logging in 1999.  The … Continued