Central Cascades tour with congressional staff, the Bullitt Foundation, The Wilderness Society and others

Central Cascades tour with congressional staff, the Bullitt Foundation, The Wilderness Society and others

We led a field tour with congressional staff and representatives from several groups to demonstrate the need for forest and watershed restoration in the Central Cascades. BY Laurel Baum, Central Cascades Conservation Associate The Central Cascades, spanning from the Alpine Lakes Wilderness to Mount Rainier National Park, is a beautiful landscape that includes important habitat … Continued

Returning home; the pronghorn’s journey back to Washington

Efforts are underway to restore pronghorn to Washington’s sagelands, but fences and habitat fragmentation inhibit the recovery of this native species. By Rose Piccinini, Sagelands Contractor Over the last 15 years, I’ve made the drive from Eastern Washington to central Nevada many times with my family. One of the highlights has always been getting a … Continued

Small but significant: restoring habitat in the Central Cascades

A small, fragile meadow played a big role in our work restoring degraded watersheds in the Central Cascades this summer. By Laurel Baum, Central cascades conservation associate On any given day, if you travel up into Western Washington’s Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, you’ll come across a variety of people recreating on our public lands. From … Continued

Clarity in Central Washington’s Sagelands

Working from Ellensburg, Rose uses her extensive experience as a wildlife biologist to support our work to maintain, restore and connect shrub-steppe landscapes for the good of both wildlife and people. By Rose Piccinini, Sagelands Contractor When I started my career as a general wildlife biologist, I expected a moment of clarity that would solidify … Continued

Restoring habitat in the I-90 Wildlife Corridor

By Laurel Baum, central cascades conservation associate and Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project Coordinator Conservation Northwest recently hosted three habitat restoration events just east of Snoqualmie Pass to support animal use of areas near new I-90 Wildlife Crossings, and to advance objectives of our new Central Cascades Watersheds Restoration program. Volunteers did a great job pulling … Continued