How sharing habitat with grizzlies looks from north of the border

Help us fight for North Cascades grizzlies

The Trump Administration has put a halt to recovery for now, but we won’t give up until North Cascades grizzlies thrive again! By Matthew Brouwer, Development Director Last week we shared news that the Trump Administration’s Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt issued an order “terminating” the North Cascades Grizzly Bear Restoration Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), … Continued

Trump Administration terminates North Cascades grizzly recovery

Despite public support and scientific recommendation, Secretary of the Interior stops work on North Cascades grizzly restoration. Send your Members of Congress a message saying you support grizzly recovery in the North Cascades guided by science and community input.   As you may have seen reported in The Seattle Times, Bloomberg, NW Public Radio and local … Continued

Update on Coast to Cascades Grizzly Bear Initiative

The C2C team has made important progress toward grizzly bear recovery in southwest British Columbia by promoting coexistence with local communities. By Joe Scott, International Programs Director The Coast to Cascades Grizzly Bear Initiative (C2C) is a collaborative effort to stem the ongoing loss of grizzly bear range and promote grizzly recovery in the transboundary … Continued

The fear narrative: a barrier for grizzly bears

If our neighbors up north can coexist with grizzly bears, why can’t we? By Joe Scott, International Programs Director While the majority of Washingtonians support restoring grizzly bears to the backcountry of the North Cascades, opposition remains. And though we know that these bears will benefit the North Cascades Ecosystem while restoring a missing piece … Continued

Activism unmoored from information harms nature

Positions on grizzly restoration, especially those of advocacy groups, should be rooted in facts and science. By Mitch Friedman, Executive Director A wilderness advocacy group recently took a position (on the matter of restoring grizzly bears in the North Cascades) so uninformed and ill-founded that it made me a bit embarrassed for the conservation movement … Continued

Join us in supporting North Cascades grizzly bear recovery

By Jessica Kelley, Okanogan Wildlife Organizer I’m writing with urgent news regarding grizzly bear restoration in the North Cascades. After more than a year of inactivity, the National Park Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are now revisiting the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for grizzly bear restoration, and have reopened the public … Continued