Fisher photographed on trail camera near I-90 Wildlife Crossings

GiveBIG to connect BIG landscapes

Your gift this GiveBIG will allow us to continue recovery efforts for a number of vulnerable Northwest species. By Meghan Madden, Director of Development & Operations Did you see that? Something quick and furry scampering into the underbrush. Fishers are fast and prefer to keep a low profile, something that makes them excellent hunters and a captivating yet elusive … Continued

Fisher reintroduction meets project goals thanks to your support

Thanks to an 18-year collaboration initiated by Conservation Northwest, and the support of our members, donors and US, Canadian and Indigenous allies, fishers are back in Washington! By Dave Werntz, Science and Conservation Director Despite heavy snow yesterday, our staff and agency partners reached a goal that we’ve been working towards for nearly two decades: … Continued

The fisher journey

Getting healthy fishers from Canada to Washington is no simple task—read the story behind their journey that leads them back into the Cascades. By Keiko Betcher, Communications and Outreach Associate Huddled into the corner of a wooden box about the size of a file cabinet, a fisher with round ears, whiskers and a long bushy … Continued

Paper published on Washington fisher reintroduction

We contributed to a new study in the Journal of Wildlife Management assessing the habitat preferences of fishers recently reintroduced to Washington’s Cascade Mountains. BY DAVE WERNTZ, SCIENCE AND CONSERVATION DIRECTOR As the lead for Conservation Northwest’s collaborative program reintroducing fishers to Washington, I was proud to contribute to a new study and scientific paper … Continued

Fixing a wrong

A year ago, I didn’t know what a fisher was. Last week, I watched them scurry into the North Cascades for the first time in nearly 80 years. By Keiko betcher, communications and outreach associate When I first heard of a fisher, I assumed, as many others do, it was a bird or a fish. … Continued

Running into the weekend like…

By Leigh Ann Gilmer, Development Director After a near 80-year absence, fishers are back in the North Cascades! This week, we released six fishers into North Cascades National Park Service Complex with our partners from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service, and the Calgary Zoo. Elders, youth, and leaders from the Upper Skagit … Continued