The case for wilderness in northeast Washington’s Colville National Forest

CNW Fire Dispatch #9 – Rain comes to the Kettle Fires

Editor’s Note: This is the ninth of our fire dispatches from staff and colleagues that live or work in the areas impacted by this year’s fires.  Conservation Associate David Heflick lives in a log cabin outside the town of Orient near the Kettle River Mountain Range in the Columbia Highlands. As part of our Forest Field Program team, he works … Continued

Mr. Friedman goes to Washington, D.C.

Mitch Friedman, our executive director, was in Washington, D.C. today testifying before congress on the need to better manage forests for ecological resilience; reducing the risks from wildfire, benefiting local communities, and improving wildlife habitat. And how we’ve been able to do so collaboratively as part of the Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition. Watch the archived video from the U.S. House … Continued