What If We Can Have Our Cake and Eat It Too?

One Stick at a Time: What beavers and biochar have in common

When natural processes are disrupted by anthropogenic changes, innovative solutions can help restore healthy, functioning ecosystems. By Michael Liu, Okanogan Forest Lead Long before I was engaged in beaver recovery efforts in the Methow Valley, I enjoyed chance opportunities to watch the furry critters at work in their natural environment. Their carpentry seemed fun and … Continued

Wildfires in the West: climate change, mismanagement, or both?

Forest management alone is not the cause for the severity and scale of today’s wildfires, climate change has exacerbated the problem. But we have tools to respond. *Editor’s Note: Michael Liu joined our staff earlier this year after a distinguished career with the U.S. Forest Service, including as Methow District Ranger. We are honored to … Continued

Sagelands wildfires, wildlife, recovery and resilience

Editor’s Note: Living and working in Omak in north-central Washington, Jay Kehne is no stranger to wildfires, and sadly, this is not the first time that he’s watched large fires burn around his community, or sheltered human and animal refugees at his home. We’re grateful to have Jay’s knowledge, generosity and decades of experience in … Continued

Guest Blog: Connecting large landscapes begins with connecting youth climate leaders

Youth-led organization The Tomorrow Project educates the next generation of climate activists and conservationists for a wild Northwest By Wednesday Satterlee, The Tomorrow Project Since 1989, Conservation Northwest’s work has revolved around the importance of protecting, connecting and restoring Northwest wildlife and wildlands. Their programs that link and restore fragmented habitat and implement wildlife crossings … Continued

A changing Northwest climate makes habitat connectivity even more critical

Protecting, connecting and restoring wildlands and wildlife to keep the Northwest wild and resilient in the face of climate change By Keiko Betcher, Communications and Outreach Associate Since our founding in 1989, Conservation Northwest’s mission has always been to keep the Northwest wild. We’re working toward our long-standing vision of large, connected landscapes that support … Continued

Straight talk on the severity of the climate threat

A review of the book, The Uninhabitable Earth, by David Wallace-Wells BY MITCH FRIEDMAN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR As I reflect on 30 years of work at Conservation Northwest, I feel great pride and empowerment in the amount of success we’ve had in keeping the Northwest wild. We communicate often in that tone of pride, empowerment and … Continued

Climate Change and Wildlife

Land conservation is even more essential and urgent in a time of rapidly changing climate. By Reed Noss, for Conservation Northwest As a conservation biologist I am continually frustrated by all the attention given to climate change by the media and politicians. After all, biological scientists almost unanimously agree that the greatest proximal threat to … Continued