Restoring lynx habitat near Coxit Mountain and Loomis State Forest

Restoring lynx habitat near Coxit Mountain and Loomis State Forest

After decommissioning nearly 3 miles of unauthorized, user-built trail near the Loomis State Forest, Canada lynx and other species can enjoy greater security and movement through this critical habitat. By Keiko Betcher, Communications and outreach Associate When it comes to connecting and restoring landscapes, every section counts. Especially for endangered species like Canada lynx. This … Continued

ATVs, motorized recreation and Conservation Northwest

You may have heard by now that Conservation Northwest and the Methow Valley Citizens’ Council (MVCC) appealed the Okanogan County Commissioners decision to triple the amount of roads open to ATV’s in that county without a thoughtful environmental or community review. ATV’s are fundamentally designed, marketed and sold for off-road use. It’s right in the … Continued

News flash on Okanogan ATVs

I’m delighted that Okanogan County, faced with a difficult trial against Conservation Northwest and the Methow Valley Citizens Council, chose to rescind two ordinances it passed last year that would have opened up county roads to an unlawful level of ATV access. The county commissioners had been overly aggressive in trying to use new authorities the Conservation Northwest, … Continued

Common ground on ORVs

We need to end the epidemic of illegal and harmful use of Off-Road Vehicles. Unethical ORV riders have created thousands of illegal and damaging trail miles on Washington state lands and cost ranchers and tree farmers millions in property damage. They can be a noisy disruption of a quiet backcountry for those who hike or … Continued