Sagelands habitat restoration in the Whiskey Dick Wildlife Area

Sagelands habitat restoration in the Whiskey Dick Wildlife Area

Fence removal efforts in central Washington near Ellensburg support the seasonal movements of migratory shrub-steppe species. By Keiko Betcher, Communications and Outreach Associate For large mammals such as elk and mule deer, and for other sagelands species like burrowing owls and sage-grouse, fences are often a dead end—especially old, unneeded, barbed-wire fences. Some species, like … Continued

Enhancing public access in central Washington’s shrub-steppe

With partners and volunteers, this year we installed a new informational kiosk, graded gravel parking area and improved road signage in the Quilomene Wildlife Area near Ellensburg. By Jay Kehne, Sagelands Program Lead Along the western edge of the Columbia River just east of Ellensburg, the Quilomene Wildlife Area offers boundless views of ridges dotted … Continued

Working with tribes, agencies, ranchers and farmers to restore wetlands in Washington’s shrub-steppe

How 30 people and 30 tons of rock can improve critical habitat for wildlife in north-central Washington. By keiko betcher, communications and outreach associate Recently, our Sagelands Program Lead Jay Kehne helped lead a three-day wetlands restoration workshop in north-central Washington’s shrub-steppe. The event brought together multiple state, federal, tribal and local partners for a … Continued

Returning home; the pronghorn’s journey back to Washington

Efforts are underway to restore pronghorn to Washington’s sagelands, but fences and habitat fragmentation inhibit the recovery of this native species. By Rose Piccinini, Sagelands Contractor Over the last 15 years, I’ve made the drive from Eastern Washington to central Nevada many times with my family. One of the highlights has always been getting a … Continued

Differences between fires in grasslands and forests

With fires burning in the shrub-steppe of Central Washington this summer, we want to highlight the different roles fire plays in grasslands and forests. By Jay Kehne, Sagelands Program Lead We have learned a lot about the beneficial aspects of prescribed or controlled fires in forested environments, but recent wildfires in the sagebrush country of … Continued