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Favorite Place in the Northwest:Washington Pass
Favorite Northwest Animal:Wolverine


Wildlife Recreation Coexistence Sr. Coordinator
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In addition to supporting our conservation programs through grassroots activism, Kurt works to grow coexistence between wildlife and outdoor recreation across Washington state. He helps reduce impacts on sensitive species and habitats through advocacy, outreach and education while also advancing sustainable recreation opportunities.

Growing up in the Midwest, Kurt was enthralled by the Pacific Northwest after first setting foot in 2018. Upon arrival he quickly immersed himself into wildlife conservation through Conservation Northwest’s Community Wildlife Monitoring Program, while also jumping headfirst into various Seattle-based outdoor recreation communities. Kurt brings his background in fundraising, data science and community engagement to his work, as well as his deep passion for protecting wild spaces. In his free time, you can find Kurt indulging in one or several of his favorite hobbies in the outdoors—which include climbing, running, biking and skiing.