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Favorite Place in the Northwest:The Enchantments
Favorite Northwest Animal:Beaver


Colville Forest Coordinator
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Alishia leads our Forest Field Program in the Colville National Forest as well as represents us in the Northeast Washington Forest Coalition and related forest collaborations. She also works on efforts to connect the Cascades to the Rockies through our Colville Wild Campaign for permanent public land protections. 

Alishia works out of Spokane, Washington where she enjoys climbing, gardening, and playing ultimate frisbee. She has a strong passion for biocultural restoration and community-based science. She obtained her B.S. from the University of Washington, focusing her work on storytelling as a basis for environmental literacy. Further pursuing her interests in restoration, Alishia attended the Yale School of the Environment, where she studied agroecological restoration of Hawaiian wetlands. Alishia utilizes community-based approaches with a scientific lens that engages and acknowledges communities most directly impacted. Her work prioritizes the reaffirmation and integration of traditional and local ways of knowing as a lens for holistic understandings of conservation. Alishia also advocates in her community, cooking alongside refugees at Feast World Kitchen, restoring waters with The Lands Council, and participating with Northwest Fair Housing. She is pleased to work in a community that has such strong ties to justice and environmental advocacy.